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Their Story:

Bottle Breacher was founded by Navy Seal turned entrepreneur Eli Crane and his wife Jen. Eli enlisted in the Navy days after 9/11 and spent 13 years in the service. His last 9 years were spent in the SEAL teams and deploying to multiple war zones in the Middle East with SEAL Team 3. Eli spent years in Delta Platoon under the command of Chris Kyle, famously known from the movie American Sniper. In 2011, Eli received a .50 caliber bottle opener from his Marine brother who, at the time, was deployed overseas in the Philippines. Eli painted it black and added the unit’s insignia, which quickly became a hit with the guys in his platoon. Seeing a business opportunity, Eli started handcrafting bottle openers and hiring other military personal to help start Bottle Breacher out of their 1 car garage in San Diego. After selling the product online for a short time, in 2014 Eli and Jen showcased their products on the national television show Shark Tank, where they gained investors Mark Cuban and Kevin O’leary. Eli’s new podium and rapidly growing success presented him with the ability to give back to both the veteran community and non-profit organizations. In 2016 alone, Bottle Breacher helped support over 200 non-profits, many of which are veteran or first responder organizations. We at Bottle Breacher pride ourselves in the quality of our product that is made right here in the U.S.A. and much of it at the hand of our hired vets.

Their Products:

Our original product is a bottle opener made from a once-fired .50 caliber bullet casing. The opener is cut in the side to create the bottle opener mechanism and then coated with one of several colors of military-grade powder coat. Customizations are then engraved into the breacher using a high precision laser engraver. Every breacher is hand polished and inspected before leaving our facility to be shipped out to a soon to be happy customer!

Products also featured are our Freedom Frag openers, 7.62 bullet keychain openers, and even our baseball and fishing bobber openers! All products are customizable with either a personal name or saying, or your own company logo!


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