Trickster Company

Trickster Company promotes innovative indigenous design, focusing on the Northwest Coast art and explore themes and issues in Native culture.

Rico Worl started designing skateboards for family and friends as a hobby while working a full-time day job. His intention was to promote and inspire Native culture with youth by designing a product that was affordable and everyday for them. His playing cards were inspired with this same idea; because traditionally Alaska Native art was used in everyday objects that were used and worn – for example, dishes, clothing and items found around a home. It took Rico four months of designing each face card of a playing card deck with the back of the card and box as well; while following the precise and exact rules of the 4,000 year old art form called Northwest Coast Formline art. His playing cards were launched on kickstarter after only a 3-day campaign. After the success of the standard edition, he decided to design a deck of playing cards that would promote the Tlingit language and worked with fluent speakers on designing the Tlingit language edition.

After the playing cards, he thought of designing a basketball for Native youth because of its popularity in Native villages and towns across the country. While Native art in galleries and museums are an important part of our history and culture to preserve and study, his intention is to make Native art an everyday experience and inspire youth to be proud, and to share our culture and art with everyone that appreciates Northwest Coast Formline.

The Worl siblings continue to design and create products to inspire and promote their culture and art with people from around the world through their website, and by visiting their storefront in Juneau, Alaska. You can also see Trickster Company at the September 2017 Las Vegas Souvenir & Resort Gift Show in the Native American Pavilion in booth 2362.




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